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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NEW YORK – Spring-Summer 2014

©ourtesy of  facehunter.org

Inspirational Looks from the Streets of NYC

ny ss x1

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hot Canadian Fashion showdown

The top 10 looks from the TFI new designer showdown

©ourtesy of  Natalia Manzocco & blogTo 

tfi new labels 
The Toronto Fashion Incubator swept four of its most promising young designers onto the runway this week as part of the group’s annual New Labels competition. Toronto-based Christopher Paunil, Laura Siegel (a Fashion Week veteran), Nomad of the Sun and AliceAzur each showed their best, most carefully-honed pieces before a panel of judges and a room of fashion insiders. The prize: $25,000 in cash, an editorial in FLARE Magazine, and a professionally-produced lookbook.
Who came out on top? That would be AliceAzur’s Miriam Baker, a recent Ryerson grad, who was met with a huge hug from her visibly-moved folks at the end of the runway after accepting her prize. (Aww.) But the competition was stiff; prize or no, you’ll be seeing more of the runners-up yet.
Here are my picks for the top 10 looks from TFI New Labels 2014.
ABOVE: Nomad Of The Sun’s Ashley Boutcher focuses on swimwear tailor-made for lounging glamorously by the poolside. Her geometric suits were often layered under flowing chiffon – in this case, black sheer trousers and a plunging-front swimsuit made for ’70s-style glamour.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fashion Retailers Weigh In

©ourtesy of womensweardaily
French Fashion, State Your Case: Retailers Weigh In Photo by Giovanni Giannoni:   
Linda Fargo, senior vice president, fashion office and store presentation, Bergdorf Goodman: “It’s a great tribute to the overall season when choosing one collection above all is so difficult. However, Céline keeps bubbling up to the top of the catwalk.  You know when something’s a game-changer when you want to eradicate your closet and restock it with a new vision like this. From the catwalk to the Stores.
David Rubenstein, vice president and general merchandise manager, Jeffrey New York: “My single-favorite collection is Céline. The catwalk show had an incredible energy. The collection is constantly evolving, and Phoebe is always pushing the needle forward.  It all just seemed like what women will want to wear.” French fashion impacts the industry as usual especially on the catwalk.
Tancrède de Lalun, merchandise manager for men’s and women’s wear, Printemps: French fashion, “Céline straight from the catwalk. After revolutionizing fashion four years ago, Phoebe Philo needed to renew herself and she did it with brio and talent. She opens up a world of possibilities for all the brands over the next few seasons, and what I like is that she was able to take a risk and reinvent herself exactly when she needed to.”  French fashion is an interesting factor in all of this. 
For All From Collections Magazine including French Fashion CLICK HERE ::

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


©ourtesy of haute carter 
As the obvious minimalist I am, I couldn’t help it but fall heedlessly in love with David Koma’s latest collection. Searching up every single piece of clothing he’s ever made, I am now convinced that he may or may not be my current favorite designer.
His creations reminds of less war ready and more sophisticated and pastel-ish ancient Japanese armors.

Read more: LONDON F/W: DAVID KOMA S/S 2014

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PARIS F/W Spring 2014 starts today

©ourtesy of FirstComesFashion & Vogue.co.uk
paris fashion weekPARIS FASHION WEEK starts today – an epic nine-day-long marathon that ends next Wednesday. It’s the mother of all fashion capitals, the home of fashion’s biggest and oldest names, from Chanel and Dior to Balenciaga and Givenchy. If energy levels are beginning to wane among the fashion press, who have now been on the move for three weeks, Paris is always certain to inject a new verve. –> Instagrams of #PFW 

The action gets underway today with Anthony Vaccarello – who is rumoured to be Versus’s next collaborator. His sexy, skin-tight dresses are a given though, and we look forward to seeing them worn by his model muse, Karlie Kloss, who is a regular on his catwalk. Wednesday’s big show is Rochas and all eyes will be on creative director Marco Zanini, who is rumoured to be leaving for recently-revived fashion house Schiaparelli

Sunday, September 15, 2013

NYFW: Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2014

©ourtesy of Jessica Bumpus@vogue.co.uk
narRod 01narRod 00

IT’S not often, actually, that fashion gives rise to new items. We’ve seen it, done it, got the T-shirt all before and we’re more concerned with rifling through the drawers of the past than we are setting a new agenda when it comes to the technicalities. Narciso Rodriguez has other ideas and this evening introduced us to the “half skirt”, a skirt and shorts hybrid that is just as suggestive as the mini but has a little more practicality about it. Nice. Elsewhere among the collection and the designer mostly stuck to square cuts, bandeau necklines and flat-looking shapes. From afar it looked masculine, androgynous but close-up there were slithers of shine and layers of pretty lace to imbue a sense of femininity. 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Neck cuff, is the new trend?

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First we had the statement necklaces and those have been around for a long time, there are still a bit around but not like in the beginning. But of course they couldn’t be around for a long time, in the fashion industry a thing ( clothes, accessories) will only be able to be around for a short period of time before it gets replaced by something else. And that is what is happening now with the statement necklace and the neck cuff… well sort of. Is the neck cuff going to replace the statement necklace?
 The neck cuffs have been spotted in a lot of collections of top designers like Michael Kors and Céline.   

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Street Style Paris F/W 2013 Looks

©ourtesy of HamptonRoads
street style

Paris Fashion Week 2013 brought many unique, interesting, and inspiring looks to the runway. This is how they brought it to the streets!!!  How do you feel about the Fashion Capital of the World sense of street style?
…….CLICK to View Lots more Photos   > Continue reading

Raf Simons S/S F/W 2014

©ourtesy of huhmagazine.uk

Belgian designer Raf Simons fully embraced the man skirt for his Spring/Summer 2013 presentation at Paris Fashion Week, pulling inspiration from womenswear collections to create masculine versions of dresses and oversized t-shirts. Pop art was also a big influence, with boxy androgynous silhouettes, clean lines, and lots of bold blocks of pink, green, and blue. Vintage-style prints reminiscent of 1920s graphic design also featured on many of the pieces, with depictions of male athletes accompanied by text such as “artificially flavored”.


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Saturday, October 20, 2012

LA Runway Pics: Dar Sara

©ourtesy of monstersandcritics
Models during Style Fashion Week LA Spring/Summer 2013 Dar Sara Fashion Runway.Picture copyright by Winston  Burris / PR Photos.
Models during Style Fashion Week LA Spring/Summer 2013 Dar Sara Fashion Runway.Picture copyright by Winston Burris / PR Photos.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Glimpse Street Style Milan Fashion Week 2013

Mixed-up prints, bright hues, and vertiginous shoes — so far there’s been so much eye candy on the streets of Milan that it’s hard to even know where to look. It also doesn’t hurt that some of the industry’s best-dressed players are all in attendance: Anna Dello Russo, Elisa Nalin, Kate Lanphear, Natalie Joos, Giovanna Battaglia, and more. Click through to peek the best styles of Milan Fashion Week, and be sure to check back soon — we’ll be adding more chic looks just as soon as they come in.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

F/W NYC-10 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Dresses From Marchesa Spring 2013

©ourtesy of GLAMOUR by Tracey Lomrantz Lester
Are you ready for like, a serious amount of pretty? Yesterday’s Marchesa show had it in spades, as usual, this time with a Bollywood-inspired theme running throughout. Check out our 10 favorite dresses, after the jump.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ichiro Suzuki, Royal College of Arts Designer in the UK

Ichiro Suzuki, Graduate – This British fashion collection has a fashion designer with a genius in mind. With graphic prints and beautiful 3-D elements, Ichiro Suzuki created something truly bold and innovative. From pixels and fur to 3-D cubes on blazers, whilst eccentric there is an intelligent design that is admirable. You can be bold and still retain a sense of conservatism Suzuki emphasized. British fashion definitely rocks with the help of Ichiro Suzuki.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New York: MARC JACOBS Fall 2012-13

Marc Jacobs Winter 2012-13 Collection

©ourtesy of designandculturebyed
New York 2012/2013 Fashion Week: The Winter Collection by New York based designer, Marc Jacobs was really … Crazy! It was like 18-17th century fashion mixed with 21st century street style! This fashion week show hosted lots of colors, interesting patterns and some funny looking heels. And the best of all were the too big sized hats made out of fur or other materials. It is worth to mention that the coats that are presented will be the most hottest pieces for winter. Bohemian story through the New York designer Marc Jacobs, who presented his latest collection autumn / winter 2012-2013 in the last Fashion Week in New York.
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Philip Treacy Hats Top Off Paris Couture Week

©ourtesy of Nicolle Keogh Fashion Editor | JustLuxe.com  
Philip Treacy is known as one of the most extraordinary designers of luxury hats for his eccentric style. Treacy who is Best known for his ornate hats that have topped the famous heads of Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, and Princess Beatrice of York at 2011’s Royal Wedding (along with 39 other attendees) the latest pieces for Philip Treacy to add to his repertoire were components of Didit Hediprasetyo’s Fall 2012 Couture  Treacy show.

The Philip Treacy vibrancy of the orchid in the purple floral hat is eye-catching, but also complements the plum color of Hediprasetyo’s dress. At a closer glance, you can see how much detail went into making this hat, including the small jewels that are dusted onto the delicate petals of the orchid. Floral was a prominent theme in the Treacy show, but other Treacy designs reflected his signature eccentric work. The black contoured ribbon hat reminds me of the shape and texture of Princess Beatrice of York’s hat at the Royal Wedding last spring. The whimsical shape of the material in this hat resemble Treacy signature style. For more information, visit PhilipTreacy.co.uk.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cornejo, New York Designer for ‘Zero’ talks fashion

© Story by Merle Ginsberg at hollywoodreporter.com

Designer Maria Cornejo host New Show With Artist Alice Waese and Wearing Her Own Designs as she was in Los Angeles to launch an art show and début her resort and pre-fall collections. 

Maria Cornejo Designs - H 2012

THR Q&A: Zero’s Maria Cornejo is one line of clothes out of New York that is an insiders’ fashion brand, and her New York fashion week runway shows always prove that, as they are attended by editors at the highest levels of the fashion business. Her clothes are always comfortable and chic, go from day to  with a quick change of shoes or jewelry and  have an avant-garde city cool-girl edge that’s sophisticated without hitting that “arty” line too hard. In other words, they’re rather perfect. Her pants, sweaters and leather jackets have amazing fit and a little twis,- and her dresses achieve the impossible trifecta: They’re sexy and comfortable and interesting. All this, and her prices are much better than most designer clothes, but the quality doesn’t suffer. No wonder smart women love her. Cornejo has a longtime small West Village boutique at Greenwich and Jane, but her eponymous Melrose Place space is many times the size and has the airy feeling of an art gallery. That’s why she decided to host a small art gathering for her friend, former employee and present artist Alice Waese, from New York City, who creates art out of metal, silver and paper. Cornejo doesn’t get to L.A. often as she’s busy Continue reading

NYC Full Figure F/W

This Week’s Fashion Flash

© abulousafter40.com by
Got the Monday Blahs?  We have the cure for you!  Today’s Fashion Flash is full of quick little tips that are the perfect sweet, treat to start off your week!
Here are a few of the hot topics our Fabulous Over 40 blogging experts are chatting about:
  • Calling all Curvy Fashionistas!  Full Figure Fashion week is happening this week in NYC, check it out!
  • Did you know that SPF labeling is changing?  Find out more about it…
  • Are the clothes from your favorite store aging you?  Find out  if you’re shopping at the wrong places…
  • Tired of seeing all those “skinny” jeans?  Find out more about how you can wear them…it just might surprise you!
  • Do you have a camping trip planned this summer?  How can you simplify your beauty regime so you still look good but not overdone?
  • Vanishing Act: What’s happening?  What are those dark spots that have started to show up and how do you get rid of them?
Fab Flash: “Poiret: King of Fashion” at the Met in NYC(fabsugar.com)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fashion Illustration: 1930′s Ads

Special Vintage Drawings

©ourtesy of Gentlemen’s Gazette
Fashion Illustrations in 1930′s Ads 
Fashion illustration from the 1930′s enjoyed by many of our readers have an affinity to  for artists like  L. FellowsLeslie Saalburg, and J. C. Leyendecker. While we mostly discuss editorial pictures, I want to focus on fashion illustration from magazine ads today. Back in the day, it was normal for a publisher to design an ads together with the advertiser. Though as you can imagine, a magazine publisher could only employ a limited number of fashion illustrators to serve all their clients. In order to demonstrate each brand’s unique image, the fashion illustration were often very different from each other.
Arrow Shirts Sanforized Shrink 1931Arrow Shirts Sanforized Shrink 1931
Interestingly, ads from the early 1930′s have a stronger resemblance of the 1920′s illustrations ads, which were more simplistic and relied more heavily on lines than details. Nevertheless, even during that time period, there were huge differences in drawing styles, and soon you would see illustrated ads that were just as nice as the illustration you all enjoy so much. Now, let’s discuss a few ads and styles: Continue reading

Paco Rabanne recreated

by Creative Director, Manish Arora

Manish Arora, a fashion designer known for his wild prints, bright psychedelic colors, and over the top looks, was appointed the creative director of Paco Robanne early last year.

©ourtesy TWELV

Justin Timberlake: Stylish dude

Justin Timberlake Brings His Sexy Style to HomeMint

©ourtesy of Cathy Zinderman @ Justluxe
Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota/HomeMint
Justin Timberlake is one stylish dude, sporting leather jackets just as well as he wears a red carpet suit. But who knew that his interest in style had entered the home? Apparently it has, as Timberlake has become the latest celebrity to lend his fashionable eye to BeachMint with the upcoming HomeMint website. HomeMint follows in the BeachMint Continue reading