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Sunday, September 22, 2013

MFW 2014: Dolce & Gabbana strikes GOLD!

©ourtesy of Sarah Harris Vogue.uk
Gold Dolce & Gabbana SS 2014 002

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have had money matters on the mind of late. Those much documented tax woes manifested this afternoon in a collection that was quite literally all about the money – ancient gold coins to be precise that looked like they had been dug up on an archaeological excursion – before being polished, naturally. That excursion too, might have extended to a tour of the roman ruins, those as well were a recurring motif this afternoon. It was an imaginary journey, they said, to rediscover ancient Sicily. Coins were blown up to the size of tea plates and joined together to make impressive waist cinchers, or else chain-mailed into a jingling mini dress, while others were suspended in hoop earrings or stuck to barrettes positioned into messy up-dos.
 Gold Dolce & Gabbana SS 2014 001
Lithographs of sepia-hued, postcard-pretty crumbling columns, Greek temples and theatres were printed over silk dresses; strict and midi length and buttoned all the way up the back, or else, mini and flared with wide sleeves – two silhouettes that Dolce and Gabbana have been preoccupied with for several seasons now. Variations on those would have been welcoming to witness, in fact, there were several parallels between this collection and the duo’s autumn/winter 2013 outing where they mined the golden mosaics of Sicily’s Cathedral of Monreale (all that gold must be a winner at retail, these designers hold big appeal for the moneyed set). Those clients then, will be delighted with the gold rush finale today; golden dresses every which way – from lace to others encrusted in faceted crystals, or crafted in laser-cut leather.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

London Yacht Rock! PPQ.

©ourtesy of  Deborah Arthurs for dailymail.co.uk
Nautical chic: Riviera stripes ran like a seam through the collection
Nautical fashion chic: Riviera stripes ran like a seam through the London collection.

I wish I could say it was me who coined the phrase ‘yacht rock’ to describe PPQ’s triumphant, buzzy, colourful fashion show tonight. And so would the label’s designers – Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker  – who say this year that they are ‘very into making up words.’ But it was neither of us. That honour must go to Shingai Shoniwa, the feisty, elegant, stylish singer of Noisettes fame, who used the term to describe the heady blend of smart nautical stripes and psychedelic fashion prints, the floaty chiffon in electric green and scarlet, and the bright paisley flashes that ran through tonight’s show! Review more talent from Fashion Week Spring 2013 Collections …

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hommage to The Super Talented 'OSSIE CLARK'

Ossie Clark, Bar None, was about the most Original Fashion Designer from London during the 60s that I remember. Though his contemporaries included people like Zandra Rhodes and Mary Quant, Ossie stands out even more today, because He was such a Visionary. You could easily pull out one of His Dresses today from your closet, wear it and receive accolades as if it just left the Runways this very Season. He was incredible! Ossie's sense of Color and Style guided by his use of clever Design, always made for a clothes that would almost seem effortless. They all had their own Jubilee of Fashion Glory. Undeniably, Ossie Clark influenced many, many other Fashion Designers of the Times and it showed as such, over and over again, on the Runways of Paris, Milan, NYC, Germany, you name it. They ALL copied his Look, Style and sense of Color extravaganza. Ossie Clark is probably the most knocked-off fashion designer in the history of fashion. His designs look simple and effortless. But, his attention to details and ingenuity are unparalleled. He was well known for using moss crepe fabric and prints created by his wife Celia Birtwell. She helped keep him intrigued in the business in many ways. His best support.
He quickly began to make his mark in the fashion industry, with Alice Pollock's exclusive boutique Quorum featuring his designs in 1966. Ossie had met Pollock at a party on the Kings Road and so taken with the young designer was she that she immediately ordered a whole collection of dresses for her boutique. Ossie presented a collection of white and cream chiffon garments that sold fast. Pollock wanted Clark's clothes to have a more organic feel and so commissioned Celia Birtwell to produce special textiles for the next collection. In this way, one of fashions most famous collaborations was born: with Ossie Clark designing clothes and Celia Birtwell designing prints. This partnership would last for almost all of Clark's career in fashion. Author Judith Watt comments: "Celia collaborated with Ossie. This was a joint effort. People say that she was his muse, which indeed she was, but their work absolutely went hand in hand. It was her designs that he used to create his. I think it's unfair that she not be given that voice".

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MARIA CORNEJO: RTW Fall 2011 "Elegance"

Her collections have always been about eccentricity, and for fall Maria Cornejo articulated that sentiment better than ever with a very strong collection of quirks and contrasts: stiff borders on fluid dresses; clean-lined jackets with gentle volume in back, and a devil-may-care attitude about mixing proportions and shapes. Whether it was culottes and shorts with terrific leather jackets, feathered hand-knit sweaters and long skirts or dresses in amusing prints — fur, hair or even the bookshelves of a friend’s library — it was clear that Cornejo had fun doing her thing while considering the ecological impact of her choices. This season she used a fabric made from recycled casette tapes for evening looks, but she also demonstrated her serious side of luxury with beautiful llama coats and bold graphic jacquard dresses and jackets.

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