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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Milan Fashion Week: day 2

©ourtesy of The Fashion Fruit
The first Milan Fashion Week show of Day 2 was Max Mara. The main inspiration of the collection was Africa and safari style, filtered through the iconic style of the maison. The main items were safari jackets, trenches, jumpsuits and tuxedos. The colors passed from the warm shades like tan, beige, camel to more cold shades and deepest black. I really liked the mix of floral colors and military prints and the oversized tortoise sunglasses.

max mara

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

African Fashion Designers Showcase Cool New Styles

©ourtesy of theWorld.org
Dakar Fashion Week Poster (Photo: Dakar Fashion Week)Fashion Week Poster (Photo: Dakar Fashion Week)
For the Geo Quiz, we are looking for a city that is hosting a major fashion show this week. It is not Paris, Milan, or London.
It is Fashion Week in the West African nation of Senegal and more than 30 top African designers are in town. The city we are looking for is Senegal’s largest city and the westernmost on the African continent. Designers are there to showcase their creations -bold prints and stylish accessories – designs designs that reflect Africa’s many cultures. Dakaris the answer to the Geo Quiz where dozens of top African fashion designers are taking part in the Fashion Week. The BBC’s Thomas Fessy says organizers are hoping the Fashion Week will boost the profile of Africa’s emerging fashion industry.
The vibrant, colorful fabrics of African traditional clothes are gaining new life and growing popularity on the global fashion scene. Times Live reports that at a recent fashion show in

Monday, June 11, 2012

Caribbean Fashion Week 2012

Fashion Week in Jamaica, West Indies got on their way Thursday when the kick off for Caribbean Fashion Week and the events which has brought together many international stars to make sure this year’s topical celebration of fashion  week tops all the rest. The premier event was held at the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston, Jamaica. Bold colors and flowing fabrics were showcased on the long runway and the list of designers at the show was massive. Debra Hill of Locstafari, Earl Turner of Biggy Womenswear, Ashley Martin of Attitude, Rhonda Tracey of China Doll, Brigid and Jason Lawson of Mushroom Swimwear, Keneea Linton, and Shaun Griffith of Raang, plus designers from Haiti, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, the U.S., Europe and Africa all came together for the first show on Thursday night for Caribbean Fashion Week. This has officially marked the 11th year that Caribbean Fashion Week has provided a show case for Caribbean and international fashion week designers, supermodels, and even music artists. The massive event was a magnet for the media as major networks from all over the globe were present on the night of the premier. Vogue U.K, Fashion TV Paris, the Associated Press, Black Entertainment Television (BET), Women’s Entertainment (WE TV), the New York Times, BBC and more all showed up to get a Read more…

Friday, April 6, 2012

Designers in AFRICA @ Arise Mag “Lagos Fashion Week”

©ourtesy of By Tim Hume, for CNN
Designers (CNN) in New York, London, Paris and Milan have been the traditional compass points of world fashion, Lagos has typically not even figured on the fashion event map. But according to Penny McDonald, organizer of the Arise Magazine Fashion Week held in Nigeria’s largest city last week, that is unlikely to be the case for much longer. She said the event, which drew 77 designers and big names including supermodel Alek Wek, British couturier Ozwald Boateng and up-and-coming model Dudley O’Shaughnessy, had gone a long way to establishing Lagos as Africa’s fashion capital, a city with international style credentials. “It’s raised the bar,” said McDonald, international managing director for Arise, a title which describes itself as Africa’s global style and culture magazine. “Everyone knows it’s New York, London, Paris and Milan — and we see this as the fifth destination now. We’re hoping to make Lagos a fashion destination, part of the fashion season.” – - Read: Dedicated followers of fashion: Congo’s designer dandies Read more…

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Top 10 African Fashion Moments

Author and stylist and editor of African lifestyle magazine ARISE, Helen Jennings, has just published a brilliant and brilliantly hefty coffee table book about African-inspired fashion called New African Fashion. We wanted to know more, so she kindly outlined her 10 most seismic moments in African and African-inspired fashion! 

The textiles, landscapes and colours of Africa have been pillaged by international fashion for decades. But in the past few years a new generation of African and diaspora designers have been showing the world how African fashion is really done. Lets go back in time and look at the best moments yet! — Find out more here