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Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting around NYC @ Fashion Week

A Fashionista’s Day Is Never Done !

©ourtesy of theNewYorkTimes
GETTING around in New York City for Mercedes Benz fashion week traffic can be hard no matter the time of year, but add a herd of stiletto-stepping fashion show attendees to the city’s bustle, and you have Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Show Week. Set your fashion calendar, below is a guide to navigating these hectic days and where to catch the live-streaming shows on your iPad in case you get stuck in the back seat of a cab when you should be in the front row at Lincoln Center instead of the old Bryant Park location. Noteworthy: French Fashion Designer, Christian Dior has a long history of Haute Couture in Paris. No different next month at Paris Fashion Week where the newest French fashion designs will be shown for Autumn 2012. Paris fashion, bar none, has long time made the french famous for Haute Couture. Long time rival, the House of CHANEL Haute Couture, heralded by Karl Lagerfeld always promises to be a spectacle for ALL to see. Taken place next month as well is New York Fashion Week, this country’s Couture Collection by Read more…

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Film about Designer, Nary Manivong


In “Dressed ,” David Swajeski’s listless profile of the young clothing designer Nary Manivong, a passion for fashion elbows aside every other emotion. Yet even those viewers who share the film’s conviction that preparing a collection for New York Fashion Week is inherently fascinating may lose interest long before the final frock is fitted. That’s not entirely Mr. Swajeski’s fault, though his filmmaking skills are rudimentary at best. He has chosen a subject who is clearly uncomfortable discussing his heart-tugging life story, preferring to rhapsodize about his stylistic vision. Shy and self-effacing, Mr. Manivong can barely look at the camera when recounting his troubled childhood in Columbus, Ohio. Abandoned at 14 by his Laotian parents in 2000, he lived on the streets, often sleeping in an all-night doughnut shop. The years between then and 2007, when the film picks up, remain stubbornly vague (though Mr. Manivong’s former high school principal becomes a critical source of 11th-hour financing). Instead, we follow this designer in the run-up to his 2008 show at Bryant Park, complete with borrowed accessories and fully owned financial woes. As he chooses models and suffers a last-minute loss of his showroom (homelessness is a recurring theme), fashion industry notables pop up to pontificate and advise.
“Work like a dog,” says the designer Nanette Lepore. On the evidence of this film, I think Mr. Manivong has that part down. 

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