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Monday, April 11, 2011

Costuming RUSSELL BRAND as 'Arthur'

A Discussion with Costume Designer Juliet Polcsa...! -By Chris Wallace

 We’ll refrain from speculating on whether the remake of Arthur is worth your time, but heed must be paid to Russell Brand’s eye-popping wardrobe in the film. We called up costume designer Juliet Polcsa to get the lowdown on the clothes, which were made by Martin Greenfield and inspired by everyone’s favorite Italian auto heir, Lapo Elkann.

How do you go about updating something with such a classic? You kind of have to reference the original, don’t you?
Absolutely. The first thing I wanted to do was revisit the original Arthur and see how impeccable he was. The costume designer on that, Jane Greenwood, did such an incredible job. It was definitely the early-’80s, but at the same time he had this kind of timeless elegance, the rich guy air of tailored suits, and that was something I wanted to do.
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