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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Miss Piggy ‘stylin’ for Premiere

Miss Piggy: A style icon for 2012

For last night’s UK premiere of the Muppets Movie, Miss Piggy stepped out in a silver leather dress made especially for her by British designer Giles Deacon

Miss Piggy wears giles deacon couture 
Miss Piggy is fast becoming the style icon du jour – obviously, she never looks less than the true embodiment of perfection, but recently she has raised her fashion game to a whole new stratosphere. Out on the red carpet to promote her latest starring role in the Muppets Movie [Kermit: Hey, the rest of us are in it too!] the best-dressed pig in town wore a bespoke creation by Giles Deacon. It’s a fitting match: Miss Piggy is obviously the shiniest, most dazzling [Kermit: Keep going with the compliments, you’re going to have to lay it on a bit thicker than that…] most effervescent star on the planet, and Giles Deacon is an incendiary talent in the London design scene. One of the leading lights of London Fashion Week, Giles’ Spring/Summer 2012 collection featured silver laser-cut leather dresses, which served as the basic inspiration for Miss Piggy’s red carpet look. Of course, her dress was far superior to his standard catwalk designs – her shimmering silver fringed frock was the talk of the city [handbag.com: Do you reckon that’s enough? Kermit: Yup, that should just about do it.] Don’t know if Jim Henson expected his muppets to be such icons. But. We ALL know and love Miss Piggy for many reasons. My favorite is her fashion doll looks. – - ©Handbag.com |
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